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Meet the team

NICOLA Arts is recognised as a place of support and opportunity for young artists nationwide.

We believe in the power of art!


michela ferrara

Michela is the initial founder of NICOLA and remains the heart and soul of its creative activities and its expansion into many artistic fields.Originally from a performing arts background with an accreditation from the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers, she, encouragingly, oversees music production, music video production, creative photo shoots, dance workshops, etc...And since growth is not possible without that one person who does the nitty-gritty hard work, Michaela is also behind the everyday running of the organisation,;

Katya Gagliano

Katya brings in a rich creative background with extensive experience in theatre direction and creative drama project management. She has been instrumental in the planning/setting up stages of NICOLA UK and she extended her activies by founding NICOLA Italy. Her endless creativity and enthusiastic spirit make her a model for the young creatives she works with on an everyday basis. Tiredless in her approach to creative projects, she is the initiator of many positive action activites in the Napoli area. 

After graduating from the "University of Strasbourg", Alexandre first created his own company in France for 5 years. He then lived in Canada where he held various managerial positions and assured a part Coordinator of the event "Make Music Vancouver". In 2013 he joined "NICOLA France" as coordinator. He has since organized and planned training activities in the form of "Training Course" and assumed the role of general manager in Projects in France and abroad. In January 2017 he was elected President of NICOLA France for a period of 3 years.

Alexandre  Guth


Musician, visual artist and designer, Kevin posseses many years of experience in organizing sound system music events, arts exhibitions and installations. His  background in audio production and his studies in music theory allow him to coordinate style, lyrics and instrumental as well as vocal arrangements.As one of NICOLA's most valuable youth mentors, he vowed to pass on his knowledge to hard to reach young people.He is a true creative and a creative thinker motivated to make a difference.


Ben is the fresh mind behind the original planning of NICOLA. He is a lyricist, singer, producer and graduated engieneer.His music and desire for sharing kept him engaged with our young community throughout the years.His message of peace, love and understanding is well received by the young collaborators and he enjoys making and sharing music with them.He has performed with many artists including  hip hop artists Bashy and Chimpmunk; he works with Young Warrior, son of the reknown reggae soundsystem operator Jah Shaka.

Natalia Junnan Li

Natalia joined NICOLA in 2012 after graduating her International Relations Studies in Beijing. 

Now a teacher, columnist and painter based in  Canton, she maintains her contrinubution to NICOLA by networking in Asia.

Lilit Ste

Lilit is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is focused on contemporary art, particularly visual art such as : painting, graphic art, photography, photo installations, video art , photo and sculpture melange as well as textile art . She is the founder of Today Art Initiative NGO and the representative of NICOLA Armenia. She is proud to be a strong activist and promoter of international exchange programmes.

With a degree in Civil Engineering at Federico II, Enrico has a passion for dance since he was 16 years old. He teaches dance for over 10 years participating in numerous projects for disadvantaged children in the slums of Naples as Scampia, Chiaiano and District Health. During the course of his life he has built experiences in the field of education; for nearly three years is a member of the Cooperative DOC, a social cooperative that for over 20 years, look after the FIAT and the ENI group employees’ children.


Enrico Boenzi

Triana is a flamboyant dancer who has captured the attention of audiences in many countries around the world.Currently she runs a dance company in Barcelona while finding the time to participate in others' dance projects.She believes dance is a strong form of communicaiton and as a NICOLA member she acts as inspiration for young dancers who are in the process of definying their own style. 

Triana Doce

As an young entepreneur based in Napoli, Fausto contributes to his community by organising and hosting cultural events in one of his restaurants.Fausto is an energetic presence who is equality inspiring and in search for creative inspiration from the NICOLA team members and collaborators. 



Nicola in the press


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