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NICOLA has built hundreds of contacts with like minded associations around the world, travelled numerous times to Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Holland, France and Italy for projects or training regarding environmental, cultural and social issues. NICOLA WORLDWIDE aims to inspire a sense of active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance amongst people.


training courses

"A training course is a non-formal learning activity of minimum 5 working days (according to Action 5 of the YOUTH programme) and focusses on different skills (intercultural, organisational, project management, communication, etc.) of the youth workers in order to improve the quality of the international projects. The working methods used during training courses are interactive (use of simulation, exercises, group work, ...) and build on the participant's own experiences."




youth exchanges

Youth exchanges bring together young people from two or more countries to meet and discuss topics that are close to their hearts. Each exchange focuses on a theme and relates closely to the daily experiences of both groups of young people


Examples of themes include racism, young people’s role in society, xenophobia, local heritage, sport and healthy lifestyles or the environment.


study visits

"These are learning opportunities to discover youth work and policy in different countries. They focus on a specific topic (related to the YiA programme priorities) and will provide the occasion to meet different (youth) organisations in the field of this topic, to exchange good practices and to set up networks or projects in the future."



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