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In 2010 we created the Talent Factory, a concept born to develop networking opportunities amongst talented musicians, singers, producers, dancers and promoters, through sessions, performances, projects and events within the UK and across Europe. There are three kinds of project: Exchanges, events and arts hub.




It is a youth exchange program between young artists from european countries.A group of young people meet in London,Strasbourg or Amsterdam... for a period of seven days to engage in a variety of activities, focused on researching music, writing lyrics, recording original songs and shooting music videos expressing their cultures identity. These activities will create discussions and debates on several topics around the diversity of music, issues surrounding its related fashion and the positive and negative effects on young people and society.

The aim of the project is to enrich the young people’s knowledge on the origin of trends, the development through time and place of music, and provide them an opportunity to voice their opinions, as well as create original items that reflect their own identity and individual cultural influences and networking with young artists from different countries and backgrounds.

Music Connection

London 10/2011

London 10/2011

London 10/2011

Strasbourg 11/2013

London 10/2011

London 06/2013

London 09/2013

Strasbourg 11/2013

Amsterdam 03/2014

London 07/2014

Napoli 10/2015

London 06/2016


Dance Around The World

Dance Around the world aims to create dance collaboration between artists from different countries and cultures. The vision is to bring young people together through dance, creating original pieces that reflect different cultures, opening further opportunities while exploring relevant themes through the creation of the dance pieces.

Amsterdam 04/2010

London 04/2012

London 03/2013

London 05/2014

Strasbourg 09/2014

London 07/2014



0pen Mic

Open Mic is a live performance that can range from poetry and spoken word to music and comedy. We want to provide young people with a platform to develop themselves within the arts whilst increasing the confidence of their performance. We believe the more experience an artist   gains, the more opportunity they have to establish themselves.



NICOLA Talent Factory every year organise a series of showcases that allow our young members to perform live in front of audiences and talent scouts and to allow us to recruit new members. Following the talent competition format made popular by X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent etc, we hold auditions judged by a celebrity panel where performers of all kinds qualify to appear in our showcases and work on their development as artists.



Our Festivals are a combination of arts where the audience can enjoy music groups, dance groups, stalls and exhibitions, Djs, bands, free interactive workshops,… These festivals bring together different styles and arts from traditional to experimental, from all around the world -Samba, African, Capoeira, Kathak, etc

During the festival, we   also hold a Talent Competition, judged jointly by professionals and the audience, with cash prizes intended to encourage the winners to access further training in their chosen artistic field.

The highlight of the Festival is set to be the showcase of an upcoming artist from the UK and Europe performing original and collaboration materials. Open to everybody, our goal is also to inspire more young people to get involved in a similar project or specific art form.


Open Auditions

We hold open audition where young people can qualify to appear in our showcases and participate in our projects, these auditions usually consist of a judging panel of celebrity performers. Post audition we work with the young people in our weekly Art Hub to prepare them for their live performances, recording or gain experience for their CV.



Our weekly recording sessions and music videos help facilitate collaborations amongst talented artists providing them with a platform to explore new materials and gain experience in their chosen field. Music producers, singers, musicians, video directors, makeup artists etc get connected through their involvement with the Talent Factory.


We are constantly looking for further funding to start workshops and business focused sessions. These would prepare our young people to setup their own business or social enterprise, and make them more aware of how to work with record companies and talent managers.

NICOLA Arts Hub includes Music, Music Videos and Documentaries


Have you always dreamt of creating your own project ? You have a great idea, are you looking for help and support ? NICOLA can help you in your efforts and give you lots of useful  advice.


NICOLA was set up by young people and has always had a focus on youth development and involvement. Here at NICOLA, youth meet frequently to discuss the creation of new and existing projects and all of our events are planned and delivered by young people. Within 4 years, we have made use of the limited resources we have to support both group projects and those focused on the development of an individual. 85% of our projects and funding are planned and delivered by young people.



la negra

La Negra is fearless in her approach and talented in her execution.As a jazz and soul singer and songwriter she belongs to a family of musicians that got her in touch with music styles like jazz and bossa nova from a very young age. She’s been influenced by a big range of artists such as Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Marvin Gaye, Mos Def, TLC, The Fugees, Ray Charles, Billie Holiday and a big etc that contribute to shaped her personality that stands out with strong committed messages on her songs and a deep soulful voice.

Kiera-Lorelle Rhomes

Born in Tottenham, Kiera-Lorelle Rhomes is Soul and RnB singer with a unique and entertaining style currently residing in Streatham, London. From an early age Kiera has been singing at a Saturday school specialising in performing arts. By the age of 9 she was wowing crowds with her awesome delivery. Since then her love of music has only grown into her personal exceptional style.

Jordan Jackson is a jazz singer from North London whose voice radiates purity and warmth. Jordan has always had a passion for performing and has been singing and playing since a child. She used to perform regularly in local theatre productions and talent shows and used to sing in a church gospel choir. She was inspired to study Music and Drama at College and studied Music at the University of East Anglia for her undergraduate degree. Jordan now gigs regularly around London and is globally establishing herself in the music industry. She has written and recorded with other musicians and is currently working towards an EP. For further info, visit her website

Jordan Jackson

Elena Hurstel

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