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NICOLA is a youth lead charity which promotes positive interaction within and between youth communities through creative opportunities and projects. NICOLA provides a range of activities such as performances, talent and training exchanges, nationally and internationally. It also offers  regular mentoring in order to train and develop young people in the areas of music, dance, arts and arts job skills.

We aim to address important social concerns and we concentrate our efforts into working with young people with socio economic obstacles who cannot afford professional training. We assist  their artistic and leadership development, helping them to become productive and inspired individuals. In supporting their personal development, we provide a nurturing environment so they can develop their talents, preparing them to build self confidence  and to find suitable education and/or employment both in the artistic field and outside or to run their own business or Social Enterprises. In other words, we aim to deliver administrative excellence coupled with a professional approach to performance art and personal development. 

our main projects

Talent factory (Open mic, Showcases, Festivals, Open Audition, Music Connection, Dance around the world, arts hub), Worldwide (training courses,

youth exchanges) and Youth Initiatives. Check us out!

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