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Armenian Progressive Youth (APY) was founded in Yerevan, Armenia in 2009 by a group of young people. Today it grew up into a big organization which counts many local and international volunteers, hundreds of members and followers, thousands of direct and indirect beneficiaries from Armenia and all over the European continent. APY is run by young people by means of a democratic structure.


The organization has already 5 years of experience in the fields of non-formal education, youth policies, volunteerism, media, gender, environment, active citizenship and participation, human rights and youth work. APY is a full member organization of various international networks such as Youth for Media Network, Youth for Exchange and Understanding, UNITED for Intercultural Action, etc.


Our mission is to promote greater awareness of both urban and rural youth about various events at national and European level, to promote active participation in civic life and active citizenship as well as increase the activism of young people and make a contribution to the development of civil society. 



I am student of Vanadzor State University, learning economic. Since 2017 I have participated in different training courses, both local and international. Now I am responsible for logistics in APY.​

Do you have any experience in similar project?  

Yes, I took participant in school of Social entrepreneurship organaized by APY

What's your motivation in taking part to this TC (Training Course)?

Social entrepreneurship is new developing area in Armenia. I want to go deep in it, and I cant skip this training to develop my knowledge and skills. Also international experience would be very useful and productive.

What are your main expectations regarding your participation in this training course? How do you envisage to incorporate what you have learnt during the TC in your work?

I expect to get new knowledge of course, new skills that now is more acceptable in Europe.

Please describe your knowledge and experience on entrepreneurship.

I took part in school of Social entrepreneurship organaized by APY in April, 2018.

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